Nelson Bay Netball NBNA:
Brief History of Nelson Bay Netball Association

Dianne Keeley (first President) and Karen McGuiggan attended a meeting in 1982 with the then Nelson Bay Sportsgound Committee, with councillors in attendance, to seek permission for grounds to start a netball competition.

Four grass courts were promised, and in 1983, Nelson Bay Netball Club was formed, and the competition comprised of 12 senior teams, involving registration of approximately 100 players.

Through Dianne Keeley's efforts, and with the support of Jenny Graham (Abercrombie) as Vice president and other ladies continuing lobbying of Council, at last achieved the installation of four asphalt courts in 1985, of which the Netball Club raised $2000 towards this venture. At this stage the club had 250 players, including junior and senior teams.

By 1986, the club had grown to 350 players involving 22 senior teams and 15 junior teams.

Again, through Dianne Keeley's efforts, flood lighting was installed in 1986 with the club contributing a further $1500 towards this facility.This enabled night training to take place.

In 1988, a further 2 asphalt courts were installed, and again, the club contributed to this cost to the value of $7000.

During this time, Dianne Keeley, along with hard working, but few ladies, spent numerous hours lobbying Council for further amenities. Dianne could see that improved amenities would attract further players to our competition. Numerous raffles were conducted to increase our resources with the obvious end being that one day we would have our own canteen and clubhouse from which to conduct our competition.

Mr Don Waring (since deceased) should also be mentioned in our Club's history. This gentleman worked tirelessly for all sports on the Tomaree Peninsula, but particularly Netball has benefitted from his determined nature to achieve what some thought was impossible.

Mr Don Waring worked in conjunction with Dianne Keeley from Netball, Vince Northwood from Hockey, and representatives from Cricket, who have, as a combined force, helped to make this building a reality.

NSW State Government granted $25,000 towards the cost of the building, with Port Stephens Council giving their continued help.

In 1994, Nelson Bay Netball Club applied to NSW Netball Association to become an Association in its' own right, and to be independent of Newcastle Netball Association. The application was granted, and the club then became Nelson Bay Netball Association.

The benefit of becoming an Association is to enable representative teams to compete at State and State Age Championships under their own name, and not as part of Newcastle Netball Association. Nelson Bay Netball Association maintains strong ties with Newcastle Netball Association, and continues to benefit greatly from their stable administration and willing guidance over the years.

As of August 2004, the number of registered players was 566, comprising 91 seniors, 161 intermediate and 314 juniors.
Nelson Bay Netball Association has one Foundation Member - Dianne Keeley,  and three Life Members - Kathy
 Edmunds, Judy Calder and Helen Scott