Nelson Bay Netball NBNA:
Nelson Bay Netball Association Incorporated Constitution
1.  Name
    The name of the Association shall be Nelson Bay Netball Association incorporated 
    (hereinafter called "The Association)
2.  Objects 
The objects of the Association shall be:
   2.1   To promote and control the game of Netball on the Tomaree Peninsular.
   2.2   To promote and control 
netball competition matches between affiliated clubs.
   2.3   To select and manage all Nelson Bay 
Netball representative netball teams.
   2.4   To co-operate with similar organisations within New South 
Wales , or in other states for the                              furtherance of Netball.
   2.5   To invest or deal with the monies of the Association which are not immediately required, in 
           such manner as may be determined from time-to-time by the Committee.
3.  Colours
The colours of the Association shall be Royal Blue and Gold, or other colours may be determined from time-to-time by the Committee.
4.  Membership
     4.1 Membership shall consist of:
         4.1.1  Affililiated teams shall be represented at meetings of the Association by a delegate or
                  delegates as set out in clause 7 hereof. 
         4.1.2  Life Members 
         4.1.3  Honorary Members 
         4.1.4  Umpire's Association members 
         4.1.5  Such other Association, special groups or individuals as the Committee from time-to-time shall
                  decide to admit to membership.
         4.1.6  Office Bearers
5.  Committee - Office Bearers 
     The Committee of the Association shall comprise the Association's office bearers who shall be: 
         5.1 President 
         5.2 Vice President
         5.3 Secretary
         5.4 Assistant Secretary
         5.5 Treasurer
         5.6 Assistant Treasurer
         5.7 Umpire's Convenor
         5.8 Publicity Officer
         5.9 Junior Co-ordinator
         5.10 Senior registrar/Points Score Recorder
         5.11 Junior Registrar/Points Score Recorder
         5.12 Property Officer
         5.13 Fixtures Convenor
         5.14 Coaching Convenor
         5.15  Representative Convenor
6.  Election of Office Bearers 
    Office bearers of the Association shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting provided that: 
    6.1 Nominations of candidates for election as office bearers of the Association shall;
        6.1.1 be a member of the Association and be 16 years of age or older 
        6.1.2 be made in writing, signed by 2 members of the Association and accompanied by the written
                consent of the candidate (which may be endorsed on the form of the nomination), and 
        6.1.3 be delivered to the secretary of the Association not less than 7 days before the date fixed for
                the holding of the Annual General Meeting, at which the election is to take place, or
        6.1.4 if insufficient written nominations are received, there shall be nominations called from the floor
               of the Annual General Meeting.
   6.2   If insufficient further nominations are received, any vacant positions remaining on the Committee  
          shall be deemed to be casual vacancies.
   6.3   In the event of a casual vacancy occurring in the membership of the Committee, the Committee may
          appoint a member of the Association to fill the vacancy and the member so appointed shall hold
          office until the commencement of the Annual General Meeting next following the date of the 
   6.4  If the number of nominations received is equal to the number of vacancies to be filled, the persons
         shall be deemed elected.
   6.5   If the number of nominations exceeds the number of vacancies to be filled, a ballot shall be 
   6.6  A nomination of a candidate for re-election under this clause is not valid if that candidate has been
         elected to another office at the same election.
   6.7  For the purpose of election of the office bearers to the Committee, the voting shall be by way of a
         secret ballot.
   6.8  If the votes cast for any position on the Committee shall be tied, the election for such position shall
         be decided by a draw by lot.
   6.9  Each member of the Committee shall be subject to the rules, hold office until the commencement of
         the Annual General Meeting following the date of the member's election.
7.  Annual General Meeting
   7.1  The Annual General Meeting shall be held on a date to be fixed by the Committee, and shall be held 
          prior to the grand final of the winter season.
   7.2  Not less than 14 days written notice must be given to each member, specifying the time and place of
         the meeting.
   7.3   The quorum of the Annual General meeting shall be at least 20% of all registered teams.
   7.4  The voting power shall be one (1) for each registered team delegate.
   7.5  Retiring office bearers shall be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting.
   7.6  One (1) competition point shall be allocated to each team whose delegate attends the Annual General
        Meeting, and for such one (1) competition point to be retained, the team's delegate must remain in
        attendance at such Annual General Meeting until the conclusion of the meeting, unless excused by the
        Chairperson of the meeting.
  7.7 One (1) competition point to be allocated to team delegates in attendance if meeting fails to proceed
       due to lack of a quorum.
  7.8 The order of business for the Annual General Meeting shall be:
       7.8.1 Confirmation of minutes of previous Annual General Meeting
       7.8.2 Consideration and adoption of Annual Reports by President, Secretary, Treasurer and Umpire's
       7.8.3 Election of Office Bearers
       7.8.4 Election of Auditors
       7.8.5 Election of Sports Ground delegates
       7.8.6 Such other business and general business in respect of which shall be received by the Secretary 
               of the Association not less than seven (7) days notice in writing.
8.  General Meeting
   8.1  A general meeting may be held each month from April to September inclusive.
   8.2  A quorum of the General Meeting shall be at least 20% of all registered teams.
   8.3  The voting power shall be one (1) for each registered team delegate.
   8.4  One (1) competition point shall be allocated to each team whose delegate attends a Meeting, and for
         such one (1) competition point to be retained, the team's delegate must remain in attendance at
         such General Meeting until the conclusion of the meeting, unless excused by the Chairperson of the 
   8.5  That two thirds majority be required for alteration of, and addition to the Rules.
   8.6  All members or affiliated clubs are entitled to attend, and, with the Chairperson's consent, speak on 
         matters relevant to the Association.
   8.7  The Office Bearers of the Association shall have the right to vote on matters decided at the General
   8.8  The President shall be the Chairperson of all meetings of the Association. 
         In the event of the absence of the President, the Vice President shall chair the meeting. 
         If neither the President or Vice President are available, a nominee from the meeting shall be elected
         to the chair.
   8.9  The Committee may invite or condone the attendance of a member of the public at the meeting of the
 8.10  Voting at a General meeting shall be by way of a show of hands, unless the Chairperson rules 
9.  Special General Meeting
    A Special General Meeting of the Association may be called within seven (7) days notice by:
    9.1  The President;
    9.2  a majority of the Committee;
    9.3  a request made in writing and signed by not less than one quarter of the financial members of the
    9.4  Only business of the nature stated may be dealt with at that meeting;
    9.5  One (1) competition point shall be awarded to each team whose delegate attends a Special General
10.  Committee Meetings
      10.1  The Committee shall meet at least once per calendar month during the playing season.
              A Special meeting of the Committee may be called at any time by the Honorary Secretary at the 
              request of:
           10.1.1  The President
           10.1.2  Any financial member whose request must be submitted in writing to the Secretary.
      10.2  No person shall be elected to more than one Committee position.
      10.3  A vacancy on the Committee shall be deemed to have occurred in respect to any member 
              thereof who has, without leave of the Committee, failed to attend three consecutive meetings.
      10.4  In the event of a Committee position being vacant, that position may be filled by the election of 
              a new member at any time during the year, at a General Meeting during the season, or at 
              a Committee meeting during the season.
11.  Sub-Committees
      11.1  There shall be appointed such sub-committees as the Committee deems necessary from 
              time-to-time, including, but not limited to:
              11.1.1 Grading Sub-Committee
              11.1.2 Fixtures Sub-Committee
              11.1.3 Umpire's Sub-Committee
              11.1.4 Point score Sub-Committee
              11.1.5 Coaching Sub-Committee
              11.1.6 Selection Sub-Committee
              11.1.7 Ground Management Sub-Committee
              11.1.8 Judiciary Sub-Committee
       11.2   The number of persons on a sub-committee at any one time, shall be three (3), or such number 
                as the Committee may determine.
       11.3  The President, Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer of the Association shall be entitled 
               to attend all sub-committee meetings, with the exception of the Selection Sub-Committee.
12.  Finance
      12.1  Subscriptions: The annual membership fees shall be such amount determined from time-to-time 
              by the Committee, and shall be paid by every member, with the exception of Life Members
      12.2  Membership fees shall be payable by the date fixed by the Committee.
13.  Monies
       13.1  All monies received by The Association shall be banked to the credit of the The Association by 
               the Treasurer, and all payments shall be paid by cheque signed by any two (2) of the President,
               Secretary or Treasurer.
       13.2  The Honorary Treasurer shall disburse the monies of The Association as authorised by 
               the Committee or General Meeting.
       13.3  The accounts of The Association shall be made up each year to 31st December of each year, 
               and shall be presented at the next Annual General Meeting.
14.  Enforcement of Constitution
      14.1  The authority of The Association shall extend to, and be recognised by all members.
      14.2  The Committee shall have the power to deal with, and adjudicate upon all questions and disputes
              as to the interpretation of this Constitution, and any rule or by-law made hereunder, upon any
              breach of these Constitution rules or by-laws, and upon any complaint made to it, or misconduct
              detrimental to the policy, interest and welfare of the Association, by any organisations or persons
              to whom the Constitution applies. The Committee may caution, suspend, fine, disqualify or punish 
              the member concerned.
     14.3   Any person shall have the right of appeal, after first having been asked to show cause why they 
              should not be dealt with.
15.  Alterations To Constitution
     This Constitution may be altered by resolution passed by a majority of at least two thirds of the
     delegates present and voting at the Annual General Meeting, of which not less than fourteen (14) days
     written notice specifying the resolution to be proposed, must be given to the Secretary.
16.  Rules
     16.1  The Committee may, from time-to-time, recommend the changing or addition of rules and 
             the conduct of all competitions to be conducted by the Association.
     16.2  Such rules shall be submitted to a General Meeting for approval and implementation of the 
             rules shall require a motion with twenty percent (20%) of the financial members attending
             and eligible to vote at a General Meeting shall be required for any alteration or addition
             to the rules.
17.  Members Liabilities
       In the event of the winding-up of the Association, the liability of a member to contribute to the 
       debts and liabilities of the Association, is limited to the amount of unpaid fees of that member.
18.  Public Officer
    18.1  The Committee shall ensure that a person is appointed as Public Officer.
    18.2  The Public Officer need not be a member of the Association.
    18.3  The Committee, may at any time, remove the Public Officer and appoint a new Public Officer,
            provided that the person appointed is 18 years of age or older, and a resident of New South Wales.
   18.4  The Public Officer shall be deemed to have vacated the position in the following circumstances:
           18.4.1  Death
           18.4.2  Resignation
           18.4.3 removal by the Committee, or at a General Meeting
           18.4.4 bankruptcy or financial insolvency
           18.4.5 Mental illness
           18.4.6 residency outside New South Wales
   18.5  Where a vacancy occurs in the position of Public Officer, the Committee shall, within fourteen 
           (14) days , notify the Corporate Affairs Commission ( or the relevant Government body at the time)
           on the prescribed form, and appoint a new Public Officer.
   18.6  The Public Officer is required to notify the Corporate Affairs Commission (or the relevant Government
           body at the time) on the prescribed form in the following circumstances:
           18.6.1 appointment (within 14 days)
           18.6.2 a change of residential address (within 14 days)
           18.6.3 a change of the Association objects and rules (within one month)
           18.6.4 a change of membership of the Committee (within 14 days)
           18.6.5 of the Association's financial affairs (within one month of the Annual General meeting)
           18.6.6 a change of the Association's name (within one month).
   18.7  The Public Officer may attend any Committee or General Meeting of the Association.
   18.8  The Committee shall ensure that the Public Officer is warned of changes, and notified immediately 
           of any change or circumstances of which he/she is required to notify the Corporate Affairs
           Commission (or relevant Government body). He / she shall be given copies of all annual reports.
19.  Insurance
   19.1  The Association shall effect and maintain insurant pursuant to Section 44 of the Act.
   19.2  In addition to the insurance required in clause 19.1, the Association may effect and maintain 
           other insurance.
20.  Common Seal
   20.1  The Common Seal of the Association shall not be affixed to any instrument, except by the 
           authority of the Committee, and the affixing of the Common Seal shall be attested by the 
           signature either of two (2) members of the Committee or of one member of the Committee
           and the Public Officer or Secretary.
21.  Custody of Books
          Except as otherwise provided by these rules, the Secretary or Public Officer shall keep in his/her 
          custody or under his/her control, all records, books and other documents relating to the Association.
22.  Inspection of Books
         The records, books and other documents of the Association shall be open to inspection, free of 
         charge, by a member of the Association, at any reasonable hour.
23.  Life Membership
   23.1  Any person may be elected a Life Member of the Association in recognition of at least ten (10) years
           outstanding service to the Association.
   23.2  Candidates for election as Life Members shall be nominated by two (2) members of the Committee 
           at least one (1) month before the meeting at which such nomination may be considered. 
           Such nominations must be firstly approved by the Committee before being referred to the next
           Annual General Meeting of members for approval.
   23.3  A Life Member shall be entitled to be present and speak at all meetings, but shall not be entitled 
           to propose or second a motion, or vote thereon unless they be a delegate or Office Bearer. 
           Payment of all fees shall be waived by the Association.
24.  Dissolution of Association
    24.1  This Association shall not be dissolved except by a resolution passed by a majority of at least 
            two thirds of the delegates present and voting at a Special General Meeting of the Association, 
            of which not less than fourteen (14) days written notice must be given, specifying the resolution.
   24.2   If the Association shall be dissolved, all assets and surplus funds shall be transferred or paid 
            to Newcastle Netball Association Incorporated, specifically for application towards 
            the advancement, assistance and encouragement of handicapped netball players.